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Once upon a time I`ve got an education in economics and management and started my "career". I worked in large companies and managed my own business, I started new projects and managed other people's investments. I ran, ran, ran ... And one moment it all seemed strange to me. I felt as if something had been lost, some easiness, joy of life. I`ve lost my inner child! I felt that I had turned into a racehorse, which was dressed by blinders and launched around the circle of management and investments, seeing nothing else. And then the main stage began...


I threw it all away, making room for something new. Yoga and travel came into my life. Traveling in the East, meeting with various hermits and sages, the Himalayas, India, Nepal led to the fact that I returned back and settled in a quiet forest place in the Kaluga region of Russia.


Gradually studying carpentry, I again opened my business - the experimental workshop "Victor Lazar". In form, everything returned to the same, but, in fact, has changed very much. Сhanged in the life attitude. On the first place came joy and attention to every detail. The desire to bring even more coziness to homes of people, more harmony of the Nature. Therefore, the approach of our workshop is always individual and creative, and the work does not resemble one another. This results you can see on this site.

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